Howdy folks. I’ve returned.

This last week went by in a blur, but I was able to edit a decent chunk in that time. I’m almost done with my second pass through of the book. Things are looking really good, and the co-author keeps adding to it as well. So while I cut away, or change things, the story still grows.

There’s a bit that one of us needs to add, but it’s been difficult to find an appropriate place to put it. We both know where it belongs, but it’ll involve a bit of work. It will change the pacing of this certain part of the book, and we’ll have to expand on things later to show consistency. It almost might be better to write it as a separate piece, then paste it in and work around it. We both agree that it should be there, and I’ve already added a bit to this section to make way for it, but somehow I didn’t feel the fit for the expanded narrative that we want there. Perhaps I’ll have to wait until they catch up with me.

They are taking their time, being very thorough, as is needed. Since I have more time to work on the book I just run through it rather quickly because I know I’ll be back through it again and again. They on the other hand may only have enough time to see it a couple of times through. As I have more time, this is as it should be. I’ll be doing my best, and I’m grateful they have any time to spare on this part. Two sets of eyes are better than one, and since our strengths are in different things, I’m very lucky to have them.

This particular run through for me has found little things I apparently missed the first time. A space that needn’t be here, or a word that while spelled correctly was the wrong one to be used. I supposed I rushed a little on that first read through. But since I’m catching more this time perhaps I’ve found the correct pacing. Then again we’ll see when I start at the beginning again.

It’s always surprising finding things you’ve missed. You think you have it perfect, or at least readable, then suddenly you see so many things that need correcting. I suppose that’s the way of things. If you don’t take a little time away from your book you’ll just see it as you meant it, and not as it was written.

Then again if you never finish editing because you aren’t satisfied, even if everything looks right, and you strive for perfection, you’ll never put out a book. No book is perfect, though some come close. There’s always a word missing or misused. A space that doesn’t belong, or a sentence that doesn’t make sense to anyone but you. Of course you try your best to look out for such things, and hopefully have multiple people help, but we’re all human. Mistakes will happen. But to limit such things, having people review your work that aren’t in your clique can help.

Imagine that the only people that look at your book before you publish are people who share your way of speaking or writing. They won’t notice that perhaps that what you put to page was a way to express something that only your group of friends understands. Sure they’ll get it, but what of those that don’t? What are they suppose to do? Perhaps they’ll understand via context clues, but it’ll puzzle them more than necessary. Especially if it is a very obscure reference, or way of speaking. Hence why some people tell you not to publish a book that was written for the American market for say the UK’s.

Spelling is different for them, as are way of expressing. Then again I’ve enjoyed books marketed for the UK as an American. But perhaps that is because I grew used to such things watching their television, and reading their books when I was younger. That and I have friends from around the world. We’ve found we can communicate well enough, though now and again a word confuses one of us. But luckily we tend to have the Internet these days. As such we can look things up that puzzle us. Not that I think that’ll be necessary, especially with this latest book. But one can never tell. I’ll just try to make the story as clear as I can.

In the end, work hard to be clear. But don’t become overly obsessed with perfection. Nothing is perfect, not in this world. Try hard, but don’t fall into the trap of never finishing. You have to let go at some point. Like children, you have to let them go to make their own mistakes at some point. Otherwise you’ll never publish.

So with that, I’ll be finished today. I wish you all well, and may you have a good week.


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