I have returned, more tired than ever.

This weekend I worked two 12hour shifts, and that was something. In my younger days I worked a couple of jobs for nearly two years, and it was for a little longer than 12hours total, but I wasn’t walking nearly as much at the time. Well I can tell you this was a bit much for me. Would I do it again? Sure, if the money was right, and this time it was pretty decent.

One of the previous couple of jobs was at a martial arts school, where I took care of making sure everything was clean before students showed up, and taught classes when the regular instructors were late, or sick, or just couldn’t make it in. Also I took phone calls, and assisted in getting people signed up for classes. So yes, there were a few days of exhaustion. That and I was regularly participating in classes. My Sensei and his family became like a second family to me, and we still are close. Since I moved we don’t see as much of each other as we had (I lived just a few blocks away from them for years) but they still visit often. It was a really fun job, and I miss it.

The other was at a hotel. This was overnight work, as the previous one was afternoons. This job had me checking in guests, doing laundry, and getting the breakfast area stocked. Some nights were non-stop guests, other nights there was nothing to do. Winters were especially dead, save near holidays. It was a nice enough job, though it didn’t pay all that well. But one of the perks was that I was able to have visitors. My friend who was a night owl would sometimes show up, and we’d play cards or just talk. Also being married at the time to my ex-wife who also worked at a hotel owned by the same people, she’d visit. And if it got too busy she’d help out if I was off doing something else when guest would arrive.

But since I was working both of these jobs, and only had a few hours to catch some sleep, I was exhausted at all times. Sleeping in the day can be difficult, especially when you don’t have much time to wind down before you need to get into bed. I don’t think I had many days were I was able to get 8hours of sleep. I was lucky to get 5. I don’t know how I was able to keep it up as long as I did.

So when a new job presented itself, one that paid better and had normal 8hour days, I went for it. I had to give up two fun jobs for this call center work, but I did it. After only around half a year of doing that they moved me elsewhere in the company to handle a new account. And I stayed there until the company moved the position out of the country.

But even as long as it’s been since then, I still at times long for the days when I was constantly training in martial arts. Certainly I work on what I’ve learned even today, but it isn’t the same. But once a martial artist, always a martial artist. When my Sensei and his family come over, and maybe we watch a movie together, we all laugh when we see moves we learned in class being used in weird ways.

Working at the Dojo is where I came up with the idea for the outsider series in the first place. Though I was calling it Leviathan at the time. It changed over the years, and I even lost my original first draft, but the idea never went away.

I’d always wanted to write a book, and when the call center moved their jobs to India and gave us all a decent severance, I decided right then to get to work. Though I had been writing little things before, short stories and poetry, this time I set myself a daily work load, and that first draft was finished in a month.

It sounds like such a small amount of time, but that book had been in my head for years. When I just let it come out it already was almost fully formed. Though certain things changed, like it wasn’t an epic that spanned centuries like I first planned, much of the world was already there when I was writing. The main character though, that just wound up being a mix of myself and a close friend, instead of the world weary immortal I had planned.

So that was a little background about where I worked, and perhaps a hint at were some of my ideas came from. I didn’t even mention the huge amount of reading I was doing at the time, but that certainly inspired me as well.

Until next time, I hope you have a great week.

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