Greetings friends and readers, those not being mutually exclusive. I’m back once more.

So it’s been yet another week, and I’ve finally made the jump into the monthly all you can read option on Amazon. They had a sale, and I couldn’t see a downside considering how much I’m currently reading.

I’d been spending entirely too much of my paycheck every week on yet more books, but now I have an all you can eat option. So far I’ve only grabbed a couple of books, but it will certainly pay for itself by comparison. It’s nice to “own” a digital copy that I can pull up anytime I want, but mostly I’m just here to consume and add to my metal collection.

Previously I’d want to go out and buy a physical copy, but since space is limited now, and I’d already had to pare down the several hundred books I owned, it would be silly to continue that practice. And while I enjoy the reading experience from the Google Play store more, there are benefits to Amazon. One being of course the all you can read option. The other being that it is connected with Goodreads.

When you finish a book it automatically comes up with the option to score what you’ve read. Yes it does so on Amazon, but it also feeds back into Goodreads, which I’ve been using longer than I’ve been downloading digital books. While I may not have every book listed there that I’ve read, it does have a fair amount. More so things I started with and more recent titles. Those that I read in my early 20’s may be lacking, as I don’t think I’ve recalled them all, but there are still a number that I had, and have scored.

I think it makes for an interesting list of data. To me to look back upon, and for anyone interested in knowing my likes and dislikes. Though I don’t think I’ve scored anything I’ve fiercely hated, as I generally stop reading those. I can only recall a couple of books like that though, others I’ve put on my to finish list. Who knows if I’ll go back now as I’m ready to be a glutton with all the books that Amazon can give me now.

Also this will give me an incentive to read new authors. Before I’d only read books from people I knew, and had enjoyed previously. This of course in an attempt to waste money purchasing a book I didn’t like. But now I can grab something new without fear of wasting money. If I don’t like it, it’s not a huge deal, and I can move on to something different.

I’ve been relatively lucky in picking books, and only recently found something I didn’t particularly like. Too late had I spent money on it, but it resides mostly unread. Otherwise, every book I’ve read has been at least decent.

Of course my scoring is from my perspective. It’s a mix of how well written something is, usually how the use of language is utilized. Then how interesting the story is, and lastly how much I enjoyed it overall. Some books can hit the language and interesting elements and get good scores, even if I didn’t enjoy them over much. But if you hit the enjoyment button, well you’re gonna get a good score usually no matter what. But if you hit all three, well you’re going to get a perfect score, aren’t you?

That all being said, I’m feeling good, and this book is getting edited at a steady pace. I hope you have an enjoyable week, and I’ll talk to you next time.

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