Hello again friends.

This last week has been a challenging one. The place I had been working announced to me in the middle of the week that this would be the last one I would be working for them. I wasn’t shocked by this or anything, as when I started I was lead to believe that I likely wouldn’t be there very long. So here, a year and a half later, they’ve finally decided that it was the occasion for my time there to end.

I’m glad I had the opportunity to work there, as it gave me the chance to exercise to my fullest, at least insofar as walking goes. My daily rounds were around twenty miles, and I can tell you after a few days of that it grew difficult. As my weeks came to an end, I was left with sore feet and legs. So sore in fact that walking was difficult on my day’s off. But, as time went on I grew stronger, and here at the end, while sore, I was not nearly left so weak by the time they decided my time there was over.

I lost weight, which I only finally was able to start doing when I decided that I should only eat two meals a day. My two dinners I called them. One right before I went in, and one soon after I returned home. I cut out almost all sugar, as I no longer had the sweet tooth that I used to have when I woke up to eat my breakfast. I only craved savory things, so that is what I ate. No cereal, no pancakes, no oatmeal. None of my normal morning meals. Sure, now and again I’d have an egg or sausage, which I consider breakfast foods, but very little in the way of grains. I can’t say this is something that others would benefit from, but it certainly did me good.

Now to the book. The final scene is perhaps half way finished, maybe more, maybe less. It’s hard to tell when you aren’t finished. There’s little in the way of it left from what the co-author and I discussed, but I haven’t gotten to the final line yet. That much I’m certain of. I’d like them to check it out, and perhaps add what I may have left out, or what they feel it needs. Then we can discuss further on how to conclude it to completion. I’m unsure where to leave the story, as I like the world built, and I like the characters, so it’s almost a shame to close their story. But of course it must be done, otherwise I’ll just be writing on it forever. Writing lives that would not end until my own does. Not a bad thing to spend time on, but there are other things I’d like to work on too.

So thus ends today’s post. I hope to have the first draft done by next week, then it’s onward to the editing. A job that can take just as much time as writing a draft, and sometimes longer. But we shall see. Since this story was bounced between two of us for this last year or more, we’ve already been editing as we went. But that is not a true edit, that’s merely reading and progressing.

Until next time, I hope you have a good week.


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