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So, it’s been another week, and it has been pretty good. I’ve gotten to 50% for editing, which means I’ve read through the book twice. I didn’t have to change much, other than some things that I discussed with the co-author. They’d written a scene with a character that needed to be explained a bit for it to make sense, and the first time I read it I corrected it the wrong way. Of course while I had read the story already at that point, because I go back and read when I write, I had mistaken certain things. Instead I was trying to make things consistent, but this time I had to change the world instead of the character to make the story make sense.

But what I can say for now is that there are 33 chapters thus far. There maybe more, or fewer by the time the book gets published. I was just trying to space out things a bit this time, finding break points in the story. I think some are a little short, and one in particular is rather long. The long one should be at least two chapters, but it’s long enough for three if I’m honest about it. However, finding a point that made sense was rather difficult. I’ll have to take a look at it with the co-author and see what they think.

As of now though I have a number of chapters that they worked on to go back and look at. Starting at the beginning once more, I’m actually looking forward to reading it again. It’s happened each time when I edit this particular book. The beginning is rather amusing, and I find it fun to see where everything started again after just finishing the end.

Watching the characters grow into their own as I read the book is interesting. Starting at one point in their life, and by the end how different they are while remaining the same person, that is fun. All the while watching each choice they make, logically getting them to that ending point. I think we’ve done a pretty good job of it.

Of course because I’ve given myself the task, I’ll keep reading over it until we’re both satisfied, but I think it’s rather close right now. But as I’ve said many times before, while I may think it’s all corrected, another round will probably find other strange errors that my eyes missed last time. That and I can work on chapter formatting a bit more.

Perhaps I’m a bit strange, but I tend to like editing. Writing is fun as well, and the feeling of accomplishment is huge, but being able to read through something you made is quite pleasurable. I’ll be spending several more weeks working on this, and having some fun while doing so.

Until next time, I hope your week is a great one.


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