Hello again. I’ve returned.

So what shall I talk about this week? Well, first off I’m working my was slowly through this latest book. Yes it’s basically done, though there is still a scene the co-author wants to put in, but that’s much later into the book than where I’m currently editing. So far I’ve only caught a few issues with tense, and added in a bit more descriptions where necessary. As this is the first pass through, I expect the next to be a bit more in depth. Currently I’m just trying to clear a few things up without changing anything drastically.

When talking with the co-author this last week we’ve come up with a couple more idea’s for books we’d like to write together. This happens to us from time to time, but before we usually tried out those ideas in the book we have been writing. But now that this one is basically finished it leaves us free to start thinking about other things we could collaborate on. We aren’t sure if they’ll be whole novels or not, but they could be at least short stories that we might put into a single release at some point. Nothing is decided yet, as we are more focused on getting this first book finished, but it’s nice they still want to work with me on more things.

We’ve both gone back over the first part of this book a few times. I think we both find it helps when we’re looking at motivation, and how the character has changed as we’ve written. That being the case it was already fairly polished, though it hasn’t hurt to add a few words here and there to clarify a few things. We’ve talked about making character sheets for all the characters for fun, and to use as a means of keeping track of who they are, but so far nothing seems to be off to me. Perhaps other things we work on will start off with such things, but currently it doesn’t seem to need it. Though perhaps it would help with any kind of cover art, if we go the route of having characters illustrated there.

Other than that I’ve watched a few movies, a few anime, and read a few books since last I reviewed anything. The last being Valerian. Unfortunately I didn’t much care for it. There were some interesting things in the movie, but it all seem disjointed, and I didn’t have a sense of connection with any of the characters. As it was, I was watching it with the co-author, as we watch movies together from time to time, and the only thing that kept us going was making up amusing stories, or alternative situations to what we were seeing on screen. Both of us also were getting frustrated at how poorly the narrative was being handled, and how we might have edited the movie into a more cohesive whole. Though we both agreed it would have needed a re-write to make it a better movie. The acting was fine, and it looked okay, it just didn’t come together into anything more than just being a movie. It wasn’t even bad enough to be a good ‘B’ movie. So like it’s name, it left us both drowsy.

That’s it for now. I’ll keep editing, and keep thinking of new stories to write about. I hope you all have a good week, and wish you all to find something you enjoy doing.


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