Steven Oaks was born and he lived. He is also still alive, as the previous statement could be read to imply that he has passed on. He is in fact continuing to live and plans to do so for some time. But we are getting off topic, let us continue. He spends much of his time thinking up stories, and when given the chance, attempts to write them down in various mediums.

It has come to my attention that the phrasing of this narrative has been in the third person. This seems an outlandish way to describe oneself. I will be changing to a different perspective to explain what it is I do and who I am.

I am human, male. Healthy as far as I know. Tall. Tolerated by most members of the animal kingdom. I have yet to have one on one time with a bear, though I have viewed them from various distances. This makes me unsure of their true feelings of my person, but I’ll say that I’m probably delicious looking. Most cats like me, but I’m currently living with one who I feel has a distasteful view of me being alive in general. I am a big fan of pizza, tacos, and tira misu, though I currently subsisting on ramen. So I run or ride my wonderful bike almost every day so that when given the chance to eat, I will eat ravenously.

I have but one philosophy. Autonomy. It is by far my favorite word, except maybe the word disks. Say disks out loud, it’s awesome. Anyway, summed up to its basic core, I would say Autonomy means “leave me alone, and I’ll leave you alone.” This does not imply that I wouldn’t help others. Certainly if I were to encounter someone in need I would assist. But I feel that essentially we are all in charge of our own lives. We are free to make our own mistakes and our triumphs are our own to treasure. We should be able to rely on friends, family, or partners, but let us not force others to care for those they do not know. This isn’t to say that one cannot offer help, or accept help from others; just no force should ever be involved. I find this particular philosophy most important about myself. Other philosophies are available; please feel free to peruse them as well. But autonomy is a strong subject in my works and will be seen often.